Bargain Alert #1

I always loved bargains 🙂 and today I found a total bargain in Boots :). Some of the boots have a clearance section and this one always has good stuffs in them. About a month ago I got a Body lotion 500 ml for about 1.50 euros. I actually saw the face cream during that time and it was on clearence for about 18 euros  and I thought “Wow,if its 18 in clearance then I wonder how much the original price was?”. So I googled them and found out that it was about £ 28 so nearly 32 euros (Wow.. seriously.. I would never spend that much on a face cream). Apparently this is for a youthful (I really need that nice glowey skin back) looking skin and mostly an anti-wrinkle cream.

When I visited that store again, I checked out the clearence section and what do i see?? The same cream reduced to 3 euros and I was like “JACKPOT” (lol) and I bought it 🙂 . And I also got some other bargains as well which i will list below:

  1. Nourella Delay Tactics Face Cream – 3 euros
  2. Freshwood After shave balm – 95 c (for hubby of course)
  3. Freshwood shower talc – 92 c (for summer when you really need talcs)
  4. Paradisa soap bar – 1.90 euros (amazing scent which i fell in love with)

I always check out the clearance section in all shops because sometime you get a fantastic bargains 🙂 . I hope everybody does that as well.


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