I am soo dissapointed & sad

Our vacation is cancelled (wahhhhh) because we missed our flight (sniffs). I just can’t believe it. I am still in shock. But surprisingly I am more dissapointed with the money we lost rather than the holiday destination 🙂 . At least we got back our hotel money but the F******* airlines money we lost.

Anyhoos, came home by 8 am then went and picked up our cats from the cattery. And i slept by 12 pm and then got up just now about 3.45 pm. Though I am little dissapointed, I wasn’t that keen on going to Riga because of the not so good reviews I read from somewhere. But atleast we didn’t spend that much.

But hubby has booked us a spa package for one night and promised me the next day full of shopping in the outlet mall which is near to the hotel (yayyy). I think I am happy with that (lol). But I don’t know what to do for the next 3 days 😦 . Its a long weekend for us but at least we have plans for tomorrow. We are going to the Street Show in Docklands (yay). It has some shows and food stalls so at least I won’t be bored 😦 .

Its getting hot and warm in Dublin which is good. Atleast I could start wearing all my summer cloths (lol). It seems like forever the last time I wore a 3/4th pant with a sleeveless top enjoying the summer warmth 🙂 . At least the weather report says its gonna be warm this weekend.


2 thoughts on “I am soo dissapointed & sad

  1. Mise says:

    Hi Charan,

    I just stumbled across your blog on Beaut.ie and was really impressed. I love the fact that you buy and review reasonably priced cosmetics from Boots, Superdrug etc as opposed to expensive stuff from BT’s. I do have a couple of bits of expensive make up, but I can’t afford to buy it constantly (and I’m sure many other people are the same) so it’s really nice to see a down to earth website for a change 🙂

    • charanraajeev says:

      thank you so much karen for visiting my blog and liking it as well 🙂 .. I am not a fan of expensive cosmetics. I have only one MAC brand and that is spring bean lipglass which was bought in CCO which was about $10 which was not bad.

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