New habits of my cats

My babies (Bommu & Bujju) found a lot of new habits recently. The first being sleeping in our bed (I know). Before April, We never used to let them in our bedroom because i just hate cat hairs in our bed and let me tell you that you will definetely get lots of hair because they are medium to long haired cats. So it all started with us feeling so guilty about leaving them in a  cattery to go to Paris.

The look on their face when we bought them back to our home. It was seriously an accusing/sad face. We were feeling so guilty that we started letting them in our bedroom. Let me tell you their routine,

  1. I get up and then come and feed them.
  2. They finish their feed and then come to our bedroom and then roam for sometime till i get myself ready.
  3. Then the black one sleeps in the bed while the tabby sleeps in the edge of our laundry bag where he seems comfortable leaning on it while sleeping.
  4. They come to the living room by 6.30 pm and ask for a snack 🙂 .
  5. By the time, I close the bedroom.
  6. Then they wait and watch the world go by near the high windows.
  7. When their papa comes home, they run around him wanting him to pet them of course.
  8. Starts asking for dinner from 8.30 pm when they knew that its only at 9.30 pm.
  9. After dinner, they go to our second bedroom and sleep for sometime.
  10. By 11 pm, black one mews near the bedroom door which mean that its time for him and his papa to sleep in the bed (lol), which they do of course.
  11. Then they wake up by 1.30 am and comes to the living room where I am doing something.  I then lock the bedroom and they sleep in the living room.

The 2nd habit which the tabby has learnt is drinking water from the tap in the kitchen. He jumps of on the kitchen top and wait near the sink and gives us a “Why are you not doing anything?” look and so we go and open the tap 🙂 .

The 3rd habit is that whenever we go out and come late, they won’t come near us for a long time. They get angry if we leave them home for a long time. They will completely ignore you 🙂 .

The 4th habit is that whenever we place our washed cloths in the drying rack or line (whatever), they pull them down. Its usually a struggle to do that.

The last disgusting habit of our black one is (should I tell you.. maybe i should) he comes with us into the toilet and sits on the wash basin watching us (Read between the lines readers).

We both know that they are the spoilt cat ever in this world (atleast in this country 🙂 ). Our friends joke about us adopting them as well because we spend so much money on them 🙂 . They get the best food and snacks. Everytime we go out, we end up buying something for them mostly snacks. And of course, we have found the best cattery near us 🙂 . The owner is just wonderful. She gave them a really huge room for them with a cat tree and they were ecstatic. And they love her as well. Thank God for that, atleast I don’t need to worry about them being taken good care of.

Every week they start a new routine and we are constatly amused by them 🙂 .



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