Fabulous 2 days

I had a fabulous day. We went to the Gargorm Resort & Spa yesterday morning. We started by 10 am and reached there by 2.30. But inbetween we stopped for lunch in Costa. We had a fantastic Ciabatta filled with Chilli Chicken and chocolate bread (yummm).

I wanted to stop at the Junction One Outlet Mall which is in Antrim before we reached the spa. It was one the way anyway 🙂 . I wanted to check out the Cosmetic Company Store (CCS) for MAC cosmetics to decide what to buy the next day. I hit LUCK. I saw so many stuffs which I wanted to have in my collection. I realised that I have about 20 hrs to decide what i want to buy.

We reached the spa and the treatments started by 3 pm. It was awesome. So POSH, its the 2nd best spa in Europe. The ground around the building was beautifully maintained and it was in a countryside. Inside it was climate controlled and the smell of essential oil (which I absolutely love). We were shown to the locker room and I was so awed by the interior design that I kept looking all around me. Our locker had a bathrobe & slipper and I changed into them. The locker room was so POSH, it had red leather single arm chair infront of a huge mirror and near them was a hair drier, deoderant & hair styling products (wow.. I am serious). We then went to the treatment area where we were told to fill some form and was given apple juice (royal treatment people).

First was the Mud bath where they had 3 different types of mud for face, dry areas like elbows and feet & for body. We applied them and then sat in a steam bath for 15 min followed by warm shower. Then after drying off, you apply essential oil all over your body. It was absorbed into the skin within 5 min. We were then taken to the relaxation room where you have a chair bed (it has a back but you a stretch your legs straight like the chair in a beach resorts) and of course you have cold water for drinking and you are told to drink lots of water.

We had a little nap in the relaxation room and our masseuse came for me for my head, neck & shoulder massage. It was awesome and I was so relaxed that I think I took a nap while she was doing it. She did for about 1 hour. Then I came to the relaxation room and slept for about 30 min 🙂 . It was already 6 pm, so we had to go to our room in the resort to get ready for dinner.

I had to wash my hair because it had some oil residues left over and I was so scared because my hair doesn’t behave after wash. But I had to blowdry my soaking wet hair which i don’t do it at all because it gets fizzy. I thought i had to just put them into pony tail. But the shampoo & conditioner which they had in the shower was so awesome ( & fragrant of course) that my hair was soft and was not at all bad 🙂 .

We went to our dinner reservation at 8 pm and had a fantastic 4 course dinner of Starters, Main course, Side order & Dessert. I had the most awesome Chocolate Brownie for dessert that just thinking about it I start drooling. Then i slept ok due to the new bed and all.

I got up at 7.30 am and started getting ready for breakfast 🙂 . We went to the Buffet Breakfast 🙂 and had a fantastic hot breakfast. We then walked near the lake or river and it was beautiful. It was also calming just to sit there and breathe 🙂 .

Next we went to the outlet mall and went to the CCS and I still couldn’t decide what buy but I did buy some things (heeeee) which i will tell you about it tomorrow with pictures 🙂 . I had a wonderful time window shopping in that mall and the best of all was…. (drumroll) I went into the NEXT clearence and got a fantastic black cotton trousers for £ 7 and beautiful pink top for £ 3 (yes.. you read it right).

Then we went to the belfast to Castlecourt Shopping center where i bought some neat stuffs in Superdrug and Semichem. I will post the pictures and talk about it in tomorrow’s blog. So watch out for it :).

But overall, I had a fabulous time and enjoyed myself. Hubby says as long as I am happy he is happy (isn’t that cute?) 🙂 .


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