Outlet mall and Belfast Haul

I am going to tell you about the list of stuffs i bought in the outlet mall and belfast. I haven’t used any of this but I will in the future and I will review it 🙂 . The stuffs which i bought in the CCS are from L to R :

  1. MAC, X-rocks blush (Pinky mauvey colour with little bit of shimmer and they are sheer which are good)
  2. MAC, Layin Low Paint Pot (these are mainly cream eyeshadows or also used as a base for the eyeshadows and can also be used as primers for eyes) (light brown, more like nude brown and i bought this to even out my eyelid colour)
  3. MAC, Rubenesque Paint Pot ( more of Goldeney pink and i have wanted this for a very long time)
  4. Bobby Brown, Pot rouge for Cheeks & Lips in Blushed Rose (pinky mauvey colour but a cream blush)

The other stuffs which I bought in Belfast shopping centre are as follows from L to R:

  1. Batiste Dry shampoo in Blush & Tropical (they are the best thing which i have discovered. wonderful when you don’t have time to wash greasy looking hair)
  2. Dispersable Aspirin (on top) for the face mask
  3. 2True Cheek & Lip tint (dupe of Benefit Benetint) (its basically a lip stain in pink)
  4. Superdrug body lotion in the flavour that you can read from the photo
  5. Finally Schwarakopf Heat Protectant Spray (it also says that it leaves the hair soft & shiny so i thought i will give it a try)

I love Semichem shop where you get fantastic deals 🙂 . We bought lots of stuffs for home from there. And i am looking forward to try the body lotion and the hair spray. I will review it soon. But most of all I was very happy about the purchases of the MAC items as there were 30% of the retail price 🙂 .


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