Feeling under weather remedies

I have not been feeling well for the past 2 days and its because of the change of weather. After 2 weeks of hot sun, its raining and little bit chilly for the past 3 days. This change caused my throat to get little itchy and itchy nose as well 😦 . I hate feeling like this. My throat gets dry all the time and I feel like drinking some thing hot.

I am sneezing because of the itchy nose as well. And today I am getting slight headaches 😦 and i think it maybe my sinus acting up. So basically I am sick. And tonight my body aches have started and I really hope that I don’t come down with cold/flu because i hate (really really hate) being sick 😦 .

Whenever i feel like this, I always make ginger tea and this makes me feel better. For the rest of the time, I drink my herbal tea because i want something hot to drink. I have bought this raspberry tea which surprisingly I like but hated the orange & vanilla tea πŸ™‚ . And i keep my Axe oil or Vicks Vapourub next to me so that i keep smelling them and it does makes me feel better.

I also likeΒ having soups whenever i feel like drinking some thing hot. I usually don’t feel like eating and so soups & tea keeps me going. When my body aches starts, then I take Lemsip before going to bed because it makes me sleep better. I never go to doctor for cold because he will obviously give me antibiotics and it messes up my stomach. I have a very sensitive stomach and once i start take antibiotics, my sense of taste goes off to vacation πŸ™‚ .

I keep panadol in hand for pain in my throats and body. Then take lots of hot drinks and hot steam on my face. But basically I sleep a lot and wait till all my symptoms go off πŸ™‚ .

Do you have any simple home remedies that you try during feeling like this??


3 thoughts on “Feeling under weather remedies

  1. Preetha says:

    I will give u THE BEST remedy for cold . Believe me it does wonders . Take Samahan . Everybody can take it . Ask someone from India to bring it for u. The moment u see symptoms , have one packet mixed in hot water and drink . It boosts the immune system to fight against cold/flu . We gave it to all our friends here and it worked for all of them . Now one of our friends is planning to introduce it in US. All are so impressed by the way it works . It has no side effects at all . Get it from india and try it . U will love it . Trust me .

  2. Preetha says:

    And it is very effective for Sinus and body pain too. U can have how many ever times u want in a day . People who are reading this blog can also try it .

    And once again the name is SAMAHAN . There will be aound 40 packets in a box .

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