Bargain Alert #2

Don’t you just love it when you find bargains in the clearence section 🙂 . I went to Boots today just to browse as i often do most days. And I found some stuffs which I particularly liked :).

Top row L to R :

  1. Hackett Recovery Serum – 2.50 euro (might come in handy during travelling)
  2. Maybelline Sun glow bronzing booster – 6 euro (perfect to add to your moisturiser to give you the healthy glow)
  3. Natural eve, lemon lip balm – 1.60 euro (common.. of course i had to pick up this product. Its lip balm for heavens sake. I will always need it.. lol)

Bottom row L to R:

  1. Ms. Makeup brand Eyeshdow brush – 2 euro ( I already have one but i love this brush and you always need an extra brush)
  2. Ms. Makeup brand Angled Eyeshadow brush – 2 euro (I thought i will give it a try as a crease brush)
  3. Nail file – 75 cent
  4. Boots Eyeshadow brush – 1.80 euro (I thougth i will give this one a try)

I actually thought i hit a bargain with the brush because the retail price were about 7.50 euros 🙂 . The serum would be perfect in my travel kit especially when you look tired and dull this might come in handy. I tried the bronzing booster in my hand and it gave a beautiful sheen.

I love Boots Clearence section 🙂 , you always end up getting good bargains.


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