Review : Boots Vanishing Day Cream

My Review

I finished off my Garnier Soft face moisturiser and I have started using this for about a week. I LOVE it. It has this faint rose scent to it which i absolutely love. All you need is a tiny bit for your face, little bit goes a long way. The skin just absorbs the cream leaving it so smooth. This one is suppose to be for all types of skin so i was skeptical about using it in my dry skin. But for summer, this works perfectly 🙂 . It doesn’t break out  my face which is good. It gives you the dewy look which is prefect for summer.

I got this months ago when it was on sale 🙂 and now at last i have started using it. It is on the expensive side in the price range and I did wonder why it was so expensive and now i know it. Its suppose to be a original beauty secret 🙂 . As long as it works on my skin, I don’t care how its made of. During summer, I tend to use lot of light moisturiser both for my face & body.

It give a smooth look to my skin which looks perfect when i apply my blusher. During summer, I tend to go for a cream base and then tap lightly with a powder blush. And i tend to use no foundation (liquid or mineral)  on my face during summer because sometime you feel like melting 🙂 . I have found the perfect combo for summer for my cheeks which i will tell you about it in 2-3 weeks after i try them 🙂 .

Overall, I am Loving this product.

Description of the Product

A classic formula that literally vanishes into the skin leaving it soft, supple and healthier looking. Blended to richly hydrate without leaving excess oils.


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