Terminator Salvation

WARNING : This is of course from a woman’s point of view.

My Review

I saw this movie yesterday after wanting to see it about 2 weeks (finally). You might ask me if it was worth it? And I have to say absolutely YES 🙂 . Of course, I like action and hot guys (evil grin). I liked the trailor so I wanted to see this in theater. The action sequences were awesome. The way they connected the past 3 terminator movies with the new one is unbelievable. I remember the tiny details from the last 3 movies like the scar on John Connors face in Terminator 2 (I think.. the older john).

Moving on to the story, it is of course about John Connor and the Skynet who are the machines. But they have added a new character called Marcus who I absolutely love. Somehow Whenever I think of this movie, Marcus appears to be the hero and GOD, he is gorgeous. The action sequence, the machines, the fight, everything for perfect to me. As always the critics weren’t happy about this movie (Ya right.. when have they ever been happy).

The machines were totally cool. The way they have emerged in this movie is awesome. Kuddos to the designer of the machines 🙂 . I love gadgets and machines. It was total 2 hours of heart pumping exciting action 🙂 . Of the last 2 movies, this is my favourite one. Seriously ladies, you have to watch the movie in theater just to see Marcus.

Anyhoos, its about Marcus & John Connor. They also meet Kyle (teenager) who is the father of John connor (remember Terminator 1). So they have to save Kyle because he is the future 🙂 . But I kept thinking how will i feel if i was John Connor who is about 30ish and you meet your father who is about 19ish (yukkk). That is so not appropriate. Somehow Marcus ends up being the hero and I like it.

I kept waiting to see John Connor(Actor Christian Bale) without this shirt but its not happening ladies. No naked bodies are shown which is kind of dissapointing. But oohaaaa, both of the guys were hot 🙂 . There is a twist about Marcus as he is a machine with human heart 🙂 and it leads to lot of sentiments, emotions, etc, etc.

My verdict, action lovers you have to see this in theater.



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