Online Websites

I have lot of friends in USA and I think they would definetely benefit from these two websites 🙂 . People who shop online is going to love both of this websites.

The first one is Ebates. I love this idea and I wish they had this in Ireland. I do shopping online and I think they are the best. You can buy anything you want from all over the world and I also buy all my kitty stuffs online which is so much easier and they have lots of variety. So ladies, check this website out and I am posting a youtube video where she explains what it is and how it works. 


The second website is Vitacost. This is more of a health store which i absolutely love. The products which you see here are organic ones which is good. They have health supplements as well and it seems they are 25%-60% less than the stores which is quite amazing. I am attaching a video as well to let you know about it. They have organic coconut oil 🙂 which is great.

I love the idea of both of these website so people in USA, check this out and you will find that this is indeed a bargain.


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