Bargain Alert #3

I went to Liffey Valley Shopping centre yesterday for buying a gift for my friend and I saw lot of good bargains and I kept thinking “Why.. Why?” when i am controlling myself not to spend a lot this month 🙂 . But as usual i couldn’t control it. I got 3 good bargain deals.

First one was a shoe (of course). I didn’t think i would buy any but as soon as i saw this shoe I wanted it. It had the perfect heal, just the right bit for me to walk. And it was on sale (yahoo) and so I bought it.

The next one was a handbag. Its in brown colour and has the leather look-a-like which i liked. I bought this in H&M and the best thing was it was only 7 euros (yayy). The thing I didn’t like about it was that it didn’t have a zip. I am wary of bags without zips but i loved this bag so i bought it.

The last one was in The Body Shop. They had an offer in the Cosmetics line. So I bought a chestnut lip liner, cream cheek blush in heather pink and a sheer lipcolour in sheer blush as well. They had an offer of 3 for 10 euros which was a fantastic deal. The original price for all those 3 were about 24 euros and I would say that was quite a bargain.


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