Pet Peeve #1

This is about things currently annoying me 😀 .

I hate it when somebody borrows something from us and don’t return it back.  And when you desperately need it, its not there 😡 . My neighbour borrowed our hammer and of course he doesn’t return stuffs until we ask them back. If we don’t, then he is happy that he gets something free 😡 .

We needed the hammer today and of course we forgot that we gave it to him. He has gone for a holiday for a month and I just couldn’t stop cursing him. I hate it when people do that. Last time he borrowed a 3 way socket from us and he returned it only when we asked. And when we used it, we realised that the broke the fuse 😡 .

Seriously, due to people like this that I don’t want to lend our stuffs.


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