Reached Seattle

Let me start with the grumbling first. Note to myself : Avoid heels while air travel 😀 . As you guessed, I was wearing heels and I had to walk a lot. Apart from that, it was filling my toes and my whole feet was swollen during the air travel which led to a painful walking 😦 .

Moving on, I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept thinking if I missed something, etc, etc and finally I slept only by 4 am. I had to wake up by 7 am and started getting ready. Thankfully we didn’t miss the flight 😆 . The flight started late as usual and after reaching heathrow, we had to change another terminal. It was a such a hurry to run to the other terminal and then checking the passport followed by security again. When we reached the gate, passengers were already boarding the flight.

And guess what, We were alloted different seats ( rolling my eyes) and we can’t change it because the plane was full ( probably should have said JAM PACKED). But a very nice lady sitting next to me was ready to change the seat with hubby. So our journey began. I slept for 3 hrs, ate, watched movie and played nintendo ds.

When we were up in the air 20 min before landing, the scenery was beautiful. It was clear summer day with over 30 deg C and I could see everything in the ground. There were snow capped mountains and lovely small lakes where they was lots of boats. Then i saw this beauitful huge  mountain with full of snow. It was an amazing view. We landed at 5 pm local time.

After getting down, Thank God the immigration wasn’t a nightmare. We had a small queue and we were finished by 15 min. Then we had to get the car from the rental. They gave such a huge car which I have never ever heard of. It did look like Audi A6 huge. The passenger seat was so low that people can see only from my nose in the front. It really felt wierd. And while hubby was driving, I always felt that he was going to crash into someone 🙂 . It was such a tension for me and I think i will get used to this sooner.

I was actually shocked by the city. I actually thought it will look like Dublin City Centre (conjusted) but surprisingly it was so spacious. We finally reached our apartments and seriously, I wasn’t impressed with the planning of the apartments at all and we had no instruction. They had this huge car park underground and we spoted a car park near an elevator. When we went up the 5th floor, we realised that its a south side and we had to get to the north side, which we were told that we can do only from the car park (seriously architects, what were you thinking). So we had to carry all our luggage, go down the elevator and pick up our car and drive to the south side. We finally went up the 5th floor and opened our apartments. I did think that its not a bad. It had a living room with open kitchen and dining area, huge bathroom, bedroom with small walk-in closet. Its really not bad with the tv and the internet connection.

We went out for dinner. It was just down the apartments and had a shawarma, came home and slept by 10. I was so tired that i couldn’t stop closing my eyes, my brain was not working and my feet were killing me. I just slept and got up today by 7 am 🙂 . My feet is still killing me but i did bring my sandals which is the only thing I am going to wear from now on 😀 . We have to go out to get groceries. So will tell you about my todays adventure tomorrow.

People in Dublin – Its 30 deg out here 😀 (Eat your heart out. I heard its raining there. evil laugh)


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