Life in seattle

Its been 2 days since I am in this city and I am getting used to the heat. We are located in the downtown of Bellevue and the shopping centre is just 5 min walk from where i live.

Yesterday was so busy. First we went to the Indian stores to get some groceries and I realised that its not that cheap compared to Dublin. I realised that its the same price except that here its dollars and there its euro. Then I went to Big Lots as I have been wanting to take a look at it for a long time and bought some stuffs. Then we have a saturday market just down the road and I bought lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

After this we went to the Seattle Premium Outlet mall which is about 45 min drive. It was awesome as I bought some stuffs in Gap and CCO 😆 . We were in the outlet for about 4 hrs and I was exhausted. But we had to visit Walmart which was near the outlet. So went over there and its huge 😦 . We were there for 2 hrs and we didn’t browse in lot of section. We both were so tired after the trip. Then went to Udipi Restaurent and I had Uthapam with sambar vada 😀 . It was awesome. We slept by 11 pm and I woke up by 8 am.

Then today we decided to go to the mall which is near our home. We went by 1 pm. This mall is huge as well. I just went into JC Penny and bought 2 sunglasses 😆 , then went to Bath & Body works and got a hand lotion and hand sanitiser and finally went into Sephora and bought some cool stuffs 😀 . I got tired quickly and we decided to come by 5 pm.

Overall I had a fantastic time but I  have to control my spending 😦 . Its seriously like a kid in a candy shop 😦 . I want everything I see. Anyhoos, I don’t know what i am going to do in the weekdays. Getting used to this kind of lifestyle.


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