Laptop died

My laptop was giving me problems from last wednesday. I thought it would get better but no 😦 . I found a computer repair shop just opposite to our apartments (Thank God for that). We went on monday and gave them my laptop and till today its not ready 😦 . Hopefully I should get it by tomorrow. Till then i am using hubby laptop after he comes back from his office. Without my laptop I am helpless 😦 . Seriously, I didnt’ know what to do today. I was so restless and I watched the TV from morning and was just browsing the channels. I also cleaned the kitchen and cooked lunch for myself 😀 .

We just went out for a walk on monday and I went to RiteAid to check out their weekly offers and I bought the Jane Cosmetics which I have yet to try. This was followed by enquiring about the mobile number. I was so hungry by the time we went to all the major mobile networks that we ended up eatin at the Greek Kitchen 🙂 which was seriously superb. And then I came home and within 2 hrs I was hungry again. So I ended up making dosa and had it with the Garlic Chutney Powder 😀 .

Today we met a friend of ours who is in seattle for business and had a fantastic time chatting with him. Life is much slower and hotter here 😦 . Its so hot in the afternoons. Its 11 pm here now and its 24 deg 😦 can you believe it? I am hoping with all the walking and sweating, I would lose at least a kg or 2 (wishing & hoping). After i get my laptop, I should start posting some other stuffs other than my ramblings 😀 . Its nice to know that some of my friends are reading my blog and they get to know whats happening in my life.


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