Seattle Shopping #1

Its been nearly a week since I arrived in Seattle. I have shopped for some stuffs 😀 and I wanted to let you know about the bargain and stuffs I bought. Its been so hard to control my urge to buy everything I see 😦 . But I kept telling myself that there will be some sale and I could get a good bargain and so I am waiting for the sale.

My first buy is a sunglass. Its not a popular brand and I just bought it in JC Pennys as they were having sale. I would prefer to have 3-4 sunglasses rather than one which is very expensive. The first one is brown and the side  frame has stones and the second is the black one with the zebra print on the side frame. It was difficult for me to choose a sunglass which was suitable for my face shape.

Next off is some stuffs which I thought was a bargain 😀 ,

Top Row : Left to Right

  1. Bath & Body Works, Hand Sanitiser in Cucumber Melon
  2. Bath & Body Works, Hand Lotion in Coconut Lime Verbena
  3. Banana Boat Ultra Defence, Face Sunscreen spf 30
  4. Banana Boat Ultra Defence, Sunscreen spf 50
  5. Calgon body lotion & body spray in lavender, white tea & green tea

Bottom Row : From Left to Right

  1. EOS lip balm in summer fruit
  2. Revlon Colourstay Lipliner in Mauves
  3. Maybelline Lipgloss in Mystic Sands
  4. Jane Cream Blush Stick in Peach Shimmers
  5. Jane Gel Eyeliner in black
  6. MAC Cream colour base in Crushed Bougainvillea
  7. Revlon Cream Eyeliner n Plum

So this is the first batch of stuffs bought in this week 😀 . Wait for the next week’s haul 🙂 . I will review them only I use them for sometime.


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