Nail #1 : China Glaze

I am going to start the Nail series as I have bought lots of nail polishes and nail care products.

This is my first ever China Glaze nail polish 😀 . I have been wanting this brand since I saw lot of Youtubers talking about it. I checked out Sally Beauty Supply on Friday 🙂 . I bought the Sally’s Card which gave me 30% off from the retail price. I know that all the Americans are familiar with it. But me, from Ireland didn’t know much about it after I started reading blogs.

I loved the Sally’s. I knew what i wanted and just went straight to that. I bought a lot of nail care products. I didn’t know which colour to choose from as there were lot of nail colours. So I decided to come back and check out the blogs and see what were the favourties of others. But this pink colour caught my eye as it was on the clearence rack. This one is called “Pure Elegance”.

I didn’t realise that it would be a little bit bright 🙂 . It looks more of a sheer pearl colour and I realised that its not bad or not bright in the sun. I am getting used to that colour.


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