Cute Mugs

I have found a lot Coffee/Tea Mugs in seattle which I thought was cute 🙂 . In this house, they didn’t have any mugs, can you believe it? They have cup and saucer 🙄 . I am used to drinking my Tea in a mug and the cup size is so small that all i can get is 3 mouthful (seriously I am not going to have a formal party in this house). So I was in search for mug and I found 2 of the cutest one which I liked.

The first one, I found it in a shop dedicated to pets. I loved this shop but I completely forgot its name. It was in the Pike’s Place Market. They have mugs, fridge magnet, tshirt, posters, etc . I loved this one and the other saying which I thought was funny 😀 . It said “I divorced my husband because my cat was allergic to him” and I couldn’t stop laughing. As usual hubby rolled his eyes.

The next mug was bought in Marshalls. I wanted to visit this for a long time as Noveau cheap talks about it a lot. It was basically like a TK MAXX. It was not bad except I am not the person who has the patience to search cloths in a rack. They have a lovely beauty products selection and they also had a clearence seaction where I saw this mug. It was just $ 2. I loved the sunflower painting and it made me smile.

I have been buying stuffs which I like for the past 2 weeks but I don’t know how I am going to carry it back home 😦 . Hope everthing fits in my suitcase.


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