Got Delivery from Silk Naturals

I have been keeping an eye on their website for a long time. They are basically a cosmetic company selling mineral products like blushes, eyeshadows, foundation, etc or I can say that its exactly like Pure Luxe Cosmetics. But the difference between them is that Silk Naturals has MAC clones 😀 . They have popular brand clones as well.

For eg, as most of you know that NARS has this famous Orgasm blush which is suppose to complement all types of skin. But its $ 25 which is not affordable at all. But Silk Naturals has come up with their dupes and you can buy sample size of some of the products (which is bad because i would love to try the sample size before buying a full sized product) and it was $ 1.25 which gives you about 1/8 tsp and it will last for some time.

As you all know, I am fond of mineral eyeshadows and blushes as well. So I decided to try their products 🙂 . I ordered it on Thursday and It was delivered on Monday which sounds fair. When I opened the package, to my surprise, I saw 2 gifts along with my stuffs. They sent me a sample size lip gloss and full sized eye shadow. I am certainly impressed by the delivery and packaging. And the best thing of all everything including the shipping cost me $ 11.75 (yayyy).

 Top Row : Left to Right

  1. Sexy Vanilla Solid Perfume, Sample Size
  2. Deep Brunette, Brow Powder, Sample Size
  3. Coco Mademoisella Solid Perfume, Sample Size
  4. Raindrops on Roses, Sample Size, Kisser Slicker Lip Gloss, Shimmery Sheer Pink

Bottom Row : Left to Right

  1. Bargain Pink Eye Shadow, Full Size, MAC Expensive Pink Clone, Golden Rose Shimmer
  2. Riddle Eye Shadow, Full Size, Light Tan with Champagne shimmers (Free Gift)
  3. Charming Blush, Sample Size, MAC Pleasantry MSF Clone, Cool Pink with gold shimmer
  4. Climax Blush, Sample Size, NARS Orgasm Clone, Medium Pink with hint of peach and gold shimmer
  5. Satisfied Blush, Sample Size, Golden Peachy Pink Shimmer (suppose to be a darker version or NARS Orgasm)

This is the swatch of the products, from left to right, Bargain Pink, Riddle, Satisfied, Charming & Climax.


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