Indian Food in Seattle

Its been 19 days since I came to Seattle and I have to talk about the Indian food which I ate. We, Indians from Ireland, know how it is to especially drool/crave for South Indian Foods like Idlis, dosa, Bajji, Vada and the North Indian food like chaat. We don’t have any of these 😦 . But it is very common in USA which is fantastic 😀 .

I have been eating lot of Indian Food here 😀 . I did eat lot of Dosa, Idli, Potato Vada and the best thing is (I just couldn’t leave this out) Mushroom Manchurian Indian Style 😀 . I was just drooling while reading the menu in the restaurent. We found a bakery/small restaurent where they sell Indian Sweets (can you believe it), Typical Indian Cakes, Chaat and Indo-Chinese foods. I was over the moon when we found this 😀 . I also had a fantastic Elaichi Chaai and the bakery I am talking about is called Mayuri in Bellevue.

After reading all this, you can certainly believe that I have put on weight in just 2 weeks 😀 . I also tried the Greek food which i loved. Even though we have lots of options in choosing different cuisines, I don’t know why we keep coming to the Indian cuisine. We did have different kinds of dosa.

Other thing which I want to talk about is the Indian Groceries. I visited at least 2 store and I found lot of stuffs which I would love to take to Dublin. They have ready made Dosa batter, adai batter and idli batter along with frozen sambar and chutney 😀  and Of course I bought it. I was like a greedy pig for the first week after seeing all these food 🙂 .

I also found a DVD rental store for Indian movies next to the bakery which was awesome. They rent a movie for $ 2 for 4 days 🙂 . They were also advertising for the new releases in theater. At present, the 2 Indian movies which are running here is Love Aaj Kal and Magadheera which is a telugu movie.

Overall my stomach is very happy to be here 😆 and hopefully I don’t put too much weight.


4 thoughts on “Indian Food in Seattle

  1. Preetha says:

    U bought idli , dosa , adai batter , sambar , chutney and all…. Wow surprising . Dont u make it at home in ireland ?

    • charan says:

      I do make it but only rarely. I hate the long process for idli and dosa and the other thing is it never ferments in the cold there and it will taste wierd. But still its not like hotel sambar and dosa right? like sangeetha’s chettinad idly (just thinking about it makes me drool).

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