Mood Enhancers

Sometimes you are so down that you began to cry for no reason or even get sad and unhappy. Its not good to be in that kind of mood as it pulls your self-esteem and self-confidence down. Everybody feels like this and there are no exceptions 🙂 .

My remedy for this is CHOCOLATE 🙂 . Its true, they are fantastic mood enhancers. Don’t eat chocolate biscuit or chocolate covered peanut, Just get a chocolate bar and eat the whole bar. You will notice the difference by the time you finish the bar 🙂 . I always have atleat 2-3 bar of chocolate in my house. Get your favourite chocolate. Mine favourite at present is Reese (it has peanut butter which is my favourite) and Hersheys Cookie Cream (It has chocolate biscuits in white chocolate, absolute yum).

Its a scientifically proven fact that chocolates are mood enhancers. They are shown to boost the neurotransmitter serotonin which acts as a antidepressant in our brain. So, readers its one of the best remedies for depression as well.



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