Buck a Bag Sale

As you all know, I am crazy about books. I read a lot. I have been finding good deals for books in seattle. But on saturday, there was a Buck a Bag Sale in the Bellevue Library which I wanted to visit and see what it was. Apparently, you buy a bag for a $ 1 and then fill it up with books and its yours 😀 . And I was over the moon when I read this 😀 .

So I went to the library and looked around. They were just disposing off the old books. I thought “so what, just let me check what books they have.” They had lots of mills & boons and some good novels. So I started filling up my bag 🙂 . I got about 16 books (yes, I did get that many books) and its was for a $ 1 (I knowww). I am going through those books very quickly. It just takes me an hour or hour and half to finish one book 🙂 .

But I am so happy that I found lots of books for such less money. I will probably just give it to some second hand book shop after i finished reading it 🙂 .


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