I usually enter most of the blog contest but the chance of winning is not that much because for every contest there will be about more than 500 enteries. But I do enter competitions or giveaways where I like the prizes 🙂 . I have been entering for more than 8 months and this is my first win 😀 . I am totally excited.

This giveaways was from Karen who has a lovely blog about all beauty related products including nail polishes 🙂 . She had a contest for Sally Hansens HD Nail Poilshes about a month ago. The prize was 8 nail polishes worth $ 50 😀 and I won this giveaways (yayyyyyy). I received the gift yesterday and I was so excited just to open it and see them. I still couldn’t believe that I won something 🙂 . I kept thinking I can’t be that lucky and I was just waiting for Karen to say she made a mistake or I even thought that I would lose my mail box from her. I then told myself that I would not tell anybody till I would get the gift in my hand 🙂 .

The nail polishes look gorgeous. They are like rainbow colours and I am really excited to try them next 🙂 . They had a cute pink ribbon bow in the packaging and it was so cute 🙂 . Most of the contest are sponsered by the company and so I thank Sally Hansen for sending me the gift in perfect condition. I have heard horror stories from others where they get broken bottles of nail polishes.

Will definetely review them soon.


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