Day 1 & 2 in Las Vegas

Day 1

I already did tell you that my flight was at 10.30 am and we decided to catch the bus to the airport. We arrived at the airpot about 8.15 am and surprisingly we checked in our lugage and passed the security in about 15 min 😦 . And we were inside by 8.35 am. So we had a breakfast and then waited for our flight. Not surprisingly, our flight was late for 20 min. We finally reached vegas by 1.20 pm.

We did hire a car and decided that we will go straight to the outlet mall even though we both were so tired 🙂 . I don’t know if its because i was tired, but I couldn’t find anything in the outlet mall. I was so dissapointed. But I did get 2 handbags which was good but not great. I bought this because i saw bargain with these 2 and It was $ 22 for both 🙂 .

Finally we decided to go to our room and have a rest and then go to the vegas strip by 8. After we reached our room, we just slept 😦 and I couldn’t get up at 8 as I was so tired. So finally we just had a dinner nearby and just slept 😦 . What a waste of a day?

Day 2

We got up at 8.30 am and went to have our complimentary breakfast in our resort 🙂 . Then went to Hoover dam. Its about 35 miles from the vegas. When we reached there and got out, I just had a shock when I felt the heat wave. It was HOT. It was 10.30 am and the temperature were 103 deg F (Can you believe it?). I could feel myself dehyrating 🙂 .

Anyhoos, went to the Hoover dam visitor centre and went on a tour inside the dam. They were pretty amazing. The views were good and by the time we went back to our car and I could just feel my energy draining away because of the heat. We then decided to come back to the vegas strip and visit the casinos.

First stop was Venetian Hotel & Casino. I was pleasently shocked at the inside of the casino. It was fantastic and THANK GOD, they had the whole casino air conditioned 🙂 . First we went to the are which had shops and the centre of the area had a lake where there were gondolas and you can ride in it 🙂 . I just window shopped all the shops and had our lunch there. We did go into the casino but i wasn’t in a mood to gamble but I love watching the Blackjack (I think its the 21 game, If i am right). It was pretty cool to watch the game and people were betting about $100-200.

Next stop was Caesers Palace, I wanted to visit this because I heard the sculptures and the interiors is one of must to see. It was the same thing again. The second floor was full of shops and the ground floor was of casino. I did go into the Tiffany & Co because I have my eye on the Tiffany’s Key pendent 😀 . But I didn’t buy it. I just drooled over it and came back. It tool us about 2 hrs to just walk through the shops and casino and by the time we came out, We both were so tire. So we decided to come back to our room for a quick rest and go back for dinner.

Our plan for tonight is just dinner and then walk in the strip to see some of the free shows. Will tell you about it tomorrow.


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