Day 2, 3 & 4 in Las Vegas

Day 2

We went to the buffet for dinner. The food was not bad but we were given too much option that I didn’t know what to eat and I ended up eating lot of things. By the time I finished, I was too full 😦 . We then walked to Treasure Island to see the free show ‘Sirens’. The girls and the guys were really beautiful but it was a cheesy act 🙂 . Then we went to see the Volcano eruption in The Mirage. I was so tired by the end of all this, so we went home to sleep.

Day 3

I was so tired that I couldn’t get up in the morning. We started late and went to the Oulet mall nearby and I wasn’t impressed by them 😦 . After that we went to Harrah’s where they said we will be give a Show ticket and dinner if we attend a sales pitch for a time share hotel 🙂 . So we thought why not and went with them. It was a pretty good sales pitch but we still had no plans of spending that kind of money 🙂 . So we go the show ticket and dinner coupons :D.

We then went to MGM Grand to see the Lions there. And here comes the exciting part, I had no plans of gambling at all. But I did watch all the people who were gambling. While searching for the Lion habitat, we ended up in the roulette table. I was watching them for about 10 min and I was really tempted to play. Hubby convinced me to try my hand so finally I gave in to it :). And guess what, my profit for that play was $ 40 (yayyyyy) and I already had plans for spending that 😀 .

Then we went to the show called ‘Legands in Concert’ where they had impersonators singing. It was really good and I was impressed by their singing talent. Then we went to the buffet for dinner and this time I was smart. I just had the roasted veggies and some fried rice and then went straight to the desserts 😀 . For entering the buffet we had to get a membership card in Harrahs. We then register it and they gave us each $ 5 to play.

I then decided to play that money in the slot 🙂 and again to my every lasting surprise I won again and this time I got $ 40 😀 . We then decide to take a walk in the vegas strip and then I treated myself and hubby to a fantastic food massage 🙂 . We also saw the Dancing fountion in Bellagio. Then we came back to the room.

Day 4

After getting up, we went to the Circus Circus to see the free circus acts. We then went to the outlet mall again and then went around some shops. Then sat there for some time and then reached the airport pretty early. We both were so tired of the heat that we just wanted to come back to seattle.

I have to tell you about the heat in las vegas. Its really horrible. I could feel myself dehydrating in the heat. It was more than 100 deg F at 10.30 am. Its a dry heat and the heat wave just stucks you when you go out. I think I might have gotten a tan. I was so tired during those 4 days and my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

Overall, its one of places that you have to visit before you die 😀 .  


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