Nail #6 : Sally Hansen HD

This one is called Hi Def which is a shimmery green. I found that the colour takes time to gettin used to because its bright. Not like neon bright, but still bright and I am not used to wearing this kind of bright nail polishes. But I did have the matching top πŸ˜€ . As I mentioned in all the other Sally Hansen HD reviews, the formulation is great. Its just applies so smooth without any streaking.

I also have to mention that if i soak my hands in water for sometime, I could just peal the nail polishes away from my nails. I don’t know where this is the case in all Sally Hansen product as I found the same in the Xtreme Wear as well. Maybe its my base coat, but i don’t know. But did have to mention this.

I am still getting used to the bright nail polishes πŸ™‚ .


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