Missing my kitties

I have been missing my kitties so much and when I see any cats or kitten pictures, I get sad thinking of mine. I know that they are happy in the cattery because the owner gives us update every week and she even sent us a photo of them 🙂 . But still, I feel as if I am missing something all the time. Maybe its their hugs I am missing or just the way they seem to need me that I am missing.

I have only 3 more weeks to go, then I will be in dublin with my kitties. Even though they are 2 years old and huge, they are still my kitties. I have started buying lot of stuffs for them 😀 . I have started with small toys and snacks. I am still looking at the drinking fountain for them. I don’t want to get any expensive stuffs as its going to be difficult to carry them back home.

In seattle, everybody seems to have a dog 🙂 and I was surprised to see that they are allowed in some malls. Whenever I see any pets, I keep thinking of  mine 🙂 . I am actually counting days just because I want to hold my kitties again.


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