Visiting Petsmart

Probably most of the people living in USA knows that Petsmart shop has a small area for adopting pets. Yesterday was the first time I visited the shop. And I was surprised to see that they has a small area for cat adoption from the animal shelter. Looking at all the cats made me sad and happy. I was remembering my cats 😦 . I started talking to the guy from the animal shelter who looks after the cats there.

I didn’t know that Petsmart gives a cabin for animal shelter for free and they also give them food 😀 . I was totally impressed on hearing that. They had about 10 cats out there and all of them were adults. They were gorgeous and well taken care of. He invited me into the cabin and allowed me to play with the cats. I was in HEAVEN 😀 . And I got attached to one of the cats there as he reminded me of my cats in behaviour. He just couldn’t stop climbing on top of me and asking me to pet him. He kept touching his nose to my nose (and that in cat’s language is kissing 😀 ).

He was black with orange splash all over him and his name is Goose. The other one was black, white and orange splash who liked it when I just scratched under his ear 🙂 .There was 2 other big cats likes mine but a little bit bigger and they were true Maine Coon Breed. They were so gorgeous. Their owner had them declawned (meaning to stop them from scratching furnitures and other things in house, they actually cut of the tip of the toes like in humans tip of the finger starting from where the nail grows ) and I was cursing their owners (“£”!$£$”%”%£”%£”) .

There was one more small cat who was not comfortable with humans but I did go near him and talked to him. There was one true Russian Blue Breed and he was gorgeous as well. He had a grey coat with green eyes. I could just hug him and squish him. He was so handsome to look at.

I was in serious heanven yesterday and I just couldn’t leave them. And the volunteer told me to come over the weekend as they will be getting KITTENS there. I was just jumping in joy after hearing it. I told him I will be there the first thing on saturday morning. I am going to visit them again today in the evening and thank god the store is near our house.

I wish I could adopt all of them and give them a home. But I can’t, not right now. Goose was so happy that I was talking to him and petting him. When I started to leave the cabin, he followed me and gave me the saddest look. And I had tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t leave him at all. I am going to visit them and play with them almost everyday till I leave seattle.

I know that I have already said this before in this blog, but if ever you wish to get a pet definetely go and adopt one in the shelter. They are just waiting there to be loved.

One more thing, If ever you shop in Petsmart, please donate money to Petsmart Charities which allows them to sponser these animal shelter inside their shops.


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