Nail #8 : OPI

This is my first OPI nail polish and I bought it in Bronzed to Perfection. Its one of the popular brands of nail polishes. It retails about $ 6 in Sally’s Beauty and $ 8 in Fred Meyers. But I bought this in the clearence section in Fred Meyers for $ 2 (you read it right) . I thought this will be a great addition to my collection as it has more of bright colours.

The formulation is perfect and streak free which I love šŸ™‚ . The colour is bronze with little bit of tiniest gold shimmers. Its a perfect neutral shade for your nails. But I was actually shocked to see how dull my hands were looking after wearing lot of bright colours šŸ˜€ . It did take some time for me to get used to this neutral shade šŸ™‚ . But it goes with every colour.


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