Busy week ahead

Hello readers,

I will be busy from tomorrow as I am leaving seattle 🙂 . Its been an amazing 7 weeks. I really liked living in seattle and I am looking forward to return again. I am going to Washington DC where I will be meeting 2 of my closest friends and my cousin. Then I am driving to Rochester to meet my aunt returning only on tuesday. Then we want to visit the white house in DC, of course. Then I am visiting one of my school friend and a relative as well.

So basically, I am going to be really really busy till I leave to Dublin which is sep 25. I will try to blog but if I can’t, then there will a week break. I will continue once I reach Dublin. I am so excited about seeing my kitties again 😀 . I have packed most of the stuffs today. I am shocked to see how much stuffs I have accumulated within 7 weeks 😦 . I have already sent a box of stuffs to Dublin via USPS. I am hoping that rest of the stuffs will fit in our suitcase 😦 .

I am going to be really busy today as our flight tomorrow is at 7 am. I know that I won’t be able to sleep tonight with all the worrying and thinking. I must have put on at least 5 kg with all the eating 😦 . But I have plans of losing it in the next 2 months after I reach Dublin.


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