Hello Readers,

I have been busy till today. After leaving seattle, I went to Virginia where I stayed with a friend of mine. I was so busy there as I was visiting  friends and family. I did meet 3 of my friends and was remembering our college and school days 🙂 . It was good to catch up with friends. I haven’t seen them for almost 7 years. We had a nice chat. I also met one of my school mate and my cousin.

Then we drove over to Rochester where my aunt lives. Its was like 6 1/2 hrs drive and It was so boring. I did go and see Niagara Falls which was cool but not that great. I also visited the Hershey’s Chocolate World. God, they have so much variety of chocolates 🙂 . I wanted to try everything but unfortunately they were too many.

Our flight was on friday night, but with the time difference and all, I couldn’t sleep in the flight. And I was not comfortable during the journey so I couldn’t sleep at all. We arrive in London at 7 am and then went on to catch our 9 am flight to Dublin. It was so tiring as I slept for just 2 hrs. We arrived in Dublin at 10.00 am.

After reaching home, I realised that I didn’t clean the house before I went to USA 😦 . Our house was quite messy. We had to go to Tesco for grocery shopping as we didn’t have anything. Then we went to pick up our kitties. After that I resisted hard not to sleep, as I wanted to sleep in the night and get back to this routine. But by 5 pm, I was exhausted and I slept. And what do you know, our next door neighbour was having a party and I woke up during the loudest karaoke ever (rolling my eyes). I couldn’t even go and tell them to quiet down as it was just 10.30 pm (It is early by irish standards). Once I woke up, I couldn’t sleep at all. I then slept at 4 am 🙂 and woke up at 2 pm 😦 . We seriously couldn’t open our eyes. Its going to take a week for our body to get used to this time 😦 .

Moving on to my kitties 😀 , I was so happy to see them. They did recognise us when we went to pick them up. The owner of the boarding house did really look after them well. Their coat was soft and tangle free 🙂 . They have been little bit needy for the past 2 days and that is acceptable. Bommu wants to sit in my lap most of the time and Bujju wants me to pet him as well. I am much more content with them in my lap 😀 .

They look so cute and huge 🙂 . Their hair has grown fluffy as the winter is nearing which makes them fluffy. Both of them are being spoilt now 😀 . Hopefully my body should adjust to this time zone quickly. I will continue with the reviews from now on. I did buy lot of stuffs readers and I am amazed at how much I bought.


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