Things I missed

The things I missed the most when I was in USA are some of the simpler stuffs in life 🙂 .

  1. My kitties of course 😀 , I missed hugging them. They love to sleep in my lap 🙂 . It is a simple pleasure of knowing that somebody needs you (even though, I am just their servant. lol ).
  2. Ginger Biscuit. The pleasure of dipping ginger biscuit in my afternoon tea and eating them 🙂 .
  3. Chatting with my friends. Due to the time difference, I wasn’t able to chat with some of my friends.
  4. My Yankee Candle. I couldn’t find yankee candle in USA 😦 . I love lighting them up at least an hour every day. At present I am using the Beach Walk fragrance. It is such a soothing fragrance and I love the Clean Cotton fragrance as well. I did buy some candle in Bath & Body Work and I consider them a waste of money. I had to put my nose in the jar to smell them.
  5. Cooking with the spices. Because we were there for just 8 weeks, I didn’t buy much spices there and I missed making Kara Kuzhambu or even different curries.
  6. My makeup 😀 . I missed some of my mineral eyeshadows. I didn’t take any of the mineral shadows because I was scared that it will spill.
  7. Tesco Premium Tea bag 🙂 . This is one of my favourite afternoon drink. It has a nice malt flavour in it without any bitterness.
  8. My car. Even though I don’t go out much, I love the fact that I can go out if I want to 🙂 .

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