Visiting the Vet

It was the time of the year where we have to take our cats to the vet for their annual vaccination and we took them yesterday. I had to put them inside the cat carrier but the sad faces and the sad mews make you feel so guilty 😦 . The car ride to the vet was a interesting as they mew as if we are torturing them.

Thank God, we didn’t have to wait long for the vet to meet us. The Vet did tell us that we have a healthy and handsome cats and I was the proudest mom (lol). And they both behaved well as well 😀 , not a sound when he had to do their vaccination. As long as we were near them, they were ok and we kept touching them so that they would know that we both are there 🙂 .

Then we decided to do their microchipping as well. The needle for the microchipping is a horror it was so large and I could feel the goosebump all over me. But both of them made no fuss and thus making us feel more guilty. The microchipping is basically a identification tag as they both hate to wear collars. If they are lost, they could find us with the help of the microchip. Even though they both are completely indoor cats, I want to be careful in case the boarding pet house lost them or something. I also made them have the flea treatment.

After coming home, they wouldn’t come near us at all because they were very upset and angry. They completely ignored us even though we were begging them to come near us. After a lot of treats and snacks, they came to us only when we were prepared to go to sleep. The sad and the accusing eyes makes me feel more guilty than ever. But atleast they are fine for the next year.

All I want is my cats to be healthy and happy 😀 .


2 thoughts on “Visiting the Vet

  1. Pranjal says:

    Awww poor things 😛
    Our cats now get vaccinated only once in three years – I read (and the vet confirmed) that many owners are over-vaccinating their pets (can’t blame them – it’s a good source of income for the vet so the vet would recommend it!). I do de-worm them regularly, once in 3 months. Microchipping – I’d never do it to a conscious animal – a vet (even when I told her NOT to) microchipped my youngest two when they were 8 wks old – it was horrendous. The others I got done when they were sedated for their dental scale and polish.
    What I hate the most is when they (mostly all pets do) get a little withdrawn and lethargic after the injections – just like in kids … some get a fever too. But well … a necessary evil 😀

    • charan says:

      at least they didn’t get sick after the ordeal 🙂 . The rule here is that the cats has to be vaccinated annually and the boarding pet house wants proof of that as well. so its a necessary evil.

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