Review : Cococare

This is a 100% Cocoa Butter in a stick form. Cocoa Butter is extracted from cocoa bean which gives the chocolate flavor to this butter. The smell is delicious 🙂 . This butter is used in the pharmaceutical, onitments and toileteries. They are especially used in the skin care products. The moisturizing abilities of cocoa butter are frequently recommended for prevention of  stretch marks in pregnant women, treatment of chapped skin and lips, and as a daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin. The most common form of Cocoa butter has a melting point of around 34 to 38 degrees Celsius (93 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit), rendering chocolate a solid at room temperature that readily melts once inside the mouth.

The stick  is easy to carry in the purse. I have lot of stuffs in my purse like some medicines and lotions. This will be perfect for winter as I have lot of dry patches in my skin like elbow or knuckles, etc. I found the stick to be dry and I thought how is this going to work out as a butter/cream on my skin.

But the trick is to place the stick on your skin for sometime and it actually melts due to the heat from the skin. And then when you just apply on your skin, you can see a thin coat of butter. I thought that was perfect as sometime you end up applying more on your skin leading to greasiness 🙂 .

I got this in Sally Beauty for about $ 2 and it has been in my purse for travel all the time. I used once especially around the lips as sometime I get dry patches due to the cold weather. I thought this was prefect in my purse during travelling.


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