Review : Cococare Lip balm

This is a cocoa butter lipbalm. The con is that this can be only found in CVS and surprisingly its only 90 cent. The packaging is simple and the smell is very light.

I was not familiar with this brand until BeautyBroadcast from YouTube started talking about it. Apparently her hubby uses this and he likes it. I didn’t think about this brand until I visited CVS and saw this. I thought why not try it and I thought it would be like any other lip balm.

I was really surprised from the very first try. Let me talk about my lips first, its very dry and tend to get dry even in summer. So I go through lip balms a lot. Lip blams like normal blistex and carmex doesn’t work for me as they are just petroleum jelly which just coats your lips rather than moisturising it. I usually have the Body Shop or Burt’s Bee or recently the EOS lip balm and for extreme treatment I use the Blistex medicated lip care.

I wasn’t expecting anything for 90 cent but I have to tell you that this one is FANTASTIC for me. It moisturises my lips so well. I can feel the lips getting hydrated as soon as I apply it. I now have this one in the couch (where I spend most of my time 😀 ) as I am using this all the time. The only problem is that I got only one of this product from USA 😦  and I know that I will finish this off in just a month.

This one has myAPPROVAL. Definetely a product to check it out. Also guys can have this in their pocket without looking girly (lol).


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