TV Shows I am following

I have been following these TV shows very regularly and I kind of like them 🙂 . I mostly like the science/paranormal shows or even mystery ones.

  1. Lie to me – Its about finding the truth by body language. I like it. The best thing is the hero tells us how he found out he is lying.
  2. The Mentalist – It also explains that people who claim to be Psychics are just people who give attention to smallest details. Search the dictionary for mentalist. Hero works with CBI to help solve murders. He doesn’t say how he found out 😦 .
  3. Stargate Universe – For all thos stargate lovers. This is a new set of people plus some from the Battlestar Galactica.
  4. Dexter – Its about a serial killer. I thought this was fantastic. Its about serial killer who only kills people who deserves it. The killing is little bit gruesome but how he escapes from the police everytime is fascinating.
  5. The 70’s Show – I watch this all the time. I think its so funny especially Ashton Kutcher lol.
  6. The Nanny – The 90’s TV show about a nanny looking after the kids of a British Theater Producer. I just couldn’t help myself watching this again and again. I think this show is hilarious.
  7. Bones – Its about a anthropologist who helps the FBI solve the murder.

I know that many of the ladies follow the sex and the city, desperate housewives, etc, etc. I just can’t seem to watch that show. Its so damn boring. Its all gossip, sex, back stabbing, etc. I like science and mysteries.

What are the TV shows you are currently following? Tell me about it.



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