I am sick..

I have been sick throughout this week. Just a flu or perhaps I should say head cold. This affected my sinus very severely. I now have nose blocks and pains in my face 😦 . I am trying the nose drops for blocked nose and drink lot of hot drinks.

Its getting difficult for me to think with all the constant pain in my head and around my eyes. I am tired all the time and feel like sleeping all the time as well. But I keep getting up because of the blocked nose and had to put the nose drop and then go back to sleep again. I do have body aches.

I was hoping that I will get better by this weekend but apparently I am not going to be well enough. This is a long weekend and I thought we could go somewhere as I am bored sitting in the home all the time. Apparently, I am going to be sitting at home 😦 and that is so bad.

Hopefully I should get better by next weekend 🙂 .


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