I got this book from the library which is about Beauty. The introduction page has a lovely Tag line which I think all my readers should know about as well. So I am going to tell you about it.

Beauty is like baking a cake 🙂 (What a lovely expression)

The Recipe

Basic Cake Ingredients:

Free radicals – minimum, balanced with maximum antioxidents
Sun – enough for health, with protection
Water – at least two liters per day
Detox – when necessary
Nutritious Diet – five portions of fruit and veg per day
Sleep – eight hours a night
Stress – minimum

Icing Ingredints:

Body Care – body brush and moisturize daily
Skin Care – the right kind for you
Makeup – as needed or desired


Good Posture – both sitting and standing
Yoga – including breathing and relaxation, as often as necessary
Exercise – one hours, three times a week

Secret Ingredients:

Self-esteem – learn to like yourself and discover your own beauty
Happiness – think happy, be happy


To get a perfect cake, all you need is the right ingredients and the correct amount. I really liked reading this book, Its give you lot of help about taking care of your body. I will post some more article about some tips in the near future.


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