Cats on our bed

Its been long since I talked about our cats. We have spoilt them more after coming back from USA 😀 . I know that its our fault but we felt so guilty about leaving them behind. Anyway, these days they are sleeping in our bed in the afternoon 🙂 .

During weekends, hubby ususally gets up by 9 am and let them in our bedroom and they will sleep next to me till I wake up. Then after their lunch they will sleep alone in the bed till 6 or 7 pm. I was shocked to see that they can sleep for 5 hrs at a stretch. We tend to distrub them every 2 hours (heeee) as we don’t like them sleeping peacefully (lol).

So I tend to go and kiss them awake or even hug them (hee). They just give me a sleepy look and go back to sleep again. The photo below was taken during one of the weekend mornings after I got up from the bed. As you can see, they are sleeping on our blanket. They love sleeping on it because its so warm and comfortable for them. So we tend not to fold our blankets (hee).

Look at them sleeping away. They didn’t even open their eyes to look what we are doing (rolling eyes). We tried closing our bedroom once, wanting them to sleep in the living room. But you should have seen the drama they made, all the pathetic mewing as if saying why we are torturing them by not letting them to sleep on bed. If we ignore the mewing, thinking that we don’t know what they want, they go and scratch the bedroom door mewing (rolling eyes).

Then we decided to let them sleep on the bed, otherwise they will mew till we open the door 🙂 .


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