Review : ELF Complextion Perfection

This is one from the ELF hauls. It is supposed to create a healthy and radiant looking face. I am really impressed with this product. The powder is very finely milled and it just blends into your skin. The formulation is so soft that it just melts into the skin. I have been using the yellow one for setting my concealer under my eyes. This was just $ 3 and its perfect for that money.

Each colour helps in counteracting the complexion concerns.

Yellow – conceal flaws and shadows-also brightens the under-eye area
Green – Used to counteract redness (IE. pimples, breakouts, rashes, cheek redness, etc)
Pink – Used to counteract green tones. People with darker skintones tend to have under eye circles that are more of a dark greenish tint. Pink concealer is used to correct that. It can also be used to cover up green veins.
Blue – Used to counteract yellow tones.If you have yellow areas of the face conceal them with a purple base corrector.


This is just perfect for instant complextion brightener. With the help of a blending brush, just apply the yellow powder under your eyes after applying the concealer. Sometime while using a cream concealer, it fades or moves due to the oil in the skin. If you set it with any powder, It will remain for a long time.

I definetely think that everyone should have this in their makeup bag 🙂 .



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