India in Documentaries and Movies..

I read this article from one of my favorite blog by an Indian Girl which lead me to thinking about how others (non-indians) view India. The article was so true and funny. It all started with being called India as a 3rd World country (yes, it was, about 20 years ago.. rolling eyes). I think whenever people who has never visited India, think of India, they think its all poverty like Slumdog Millionaire.

Seriously, you have to get over that movie. Its just a movie and to Indians its like saying if you ever go to USA, all you will ever see  murder, drugs, bullying, racism, etc, etc because as you all know that is what we see in all American movies 😀 . I found it funny when people after watching that movie started asking if India is like that (rolling eyes).

The above article talks about how the movie showed bullock cart in chennai (which is a big popular city in south India). I have lived in chennai for most of my life and I  have never seen a bullock cart in chennai. Maybe if you go to outskirts of the city and even then, people have moped or scooter instead of bullock cart. Only farmers have those and they don’t farm in the cities (lol). I was laughing when I thought about the shock on any indian’s face in the city when they saw the bullock cart.

Most of the people don’t seem to understand how educated Indians are. For us, education is everything and they can’t believe that we study in English medium schools (seriously.. lol). I think the non-indians should probably see Bollywood movies 😀 about how the majority looks like. They should make documentary on the people working in the IT sector and how they live :). But they won’t do that because they do the same thing as the american people and that is not interesting for them to watch 🙂 .

Finally, I thought it was an interesting topic to talk about.


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