Review : Essence Lipgloss & Eyeliner

I have been keeping my eye on this brand for a long time. This is an European brand which is made from Germany and Its been in Ireland for more than 3 years. I already bought 1 lipgloss and about 4 eyeshadows in the past. I like this brand because its very inexpensive and you can buy them without feeling guilty. The products are good as well. Once in 2 months, they introduce some limited edition products.

The lipgloss which i bought is a limited edition called Wild Berry Sorbet. In the tube, its looks deep plum colour but it applies as a sheer colour. I am not a fan of sheer colour lipglosses. I like mine very pigmented so I was little bit dissapointed with this one. It smells like cherries which I like 🙂 . Its not sticky which I like. I just wish it had more pigmentation 😦 .

The eyeliner which I bought is a crystal eyeliner in brown. Its just a normal brown liner but in my medium skin tone it just blends into my sking tone. You can’t see it unless you are really close to me 😦 . But I have been using this a lot for the past 3 weeks. When i don’t feel like using black eyeliner, this is a excellent eyeliner to use. But i still wish it was more brown, it looks almost bronzy colour.

Overall, its not a bad products at all. And these are excellent products for teenagers to use.


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