Review : Milani Blushes

I bought the blushes in Luminous and Mai Tai. I have been wanting to buy these as Emilynoel from YouTube raves about these all the time. I had these in my list and was waiting to buy them in the sale when I was in USA. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any sale in this brand so I bought them with the normal price which was about $ 5.99 each ( I think).

The packaging is on the plastic side but who the hell cares, allย I want isย  a good product inside. It is easy to open with the clear plastic on top. You can lift up the blush to see a compartment for a small brush and a mirror as well. The brush is not bad, soft and probably perfect of you want to touch up later in the day, but I haven’t used it till now.

Luminous is a sheer pink gold blush. It’s perfect to be used as a highlighter or in my case, I used them on my cheeks during summer. Its give a light pink gold sheen in your cheeks. The powder is veryย sheer and its very smooth and not powdery at all.

Mai Tai is a deep peachy colour almost apricot colour. This one is very pigmented and all you need is very little to see the colour in your cheeks. It almost looks like a burnt peachy colour. I love this colour. I apply them as a contour (below the cheek bones) and then brush them up. Its looks good on my skin tone with a bit of colour on my cheeks.

I really like these two blushes and they are perfect when applied together as well. With Mai Tai as a light contour and the Luminous as a highlighter on the cheeks. Don’t forget to buff them together for a natural look. Unfortunately, this is only available in USA ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

Left to Rightย : Luminous, Mai Tai


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