Nail #16 : Sache Vite

This is a popular Dry Fast Top Coat. I was introduced to this product by MissChevious from YouTube as she said this help in fast drying the nail polishes. I got this from Sally Beauty in USA for about $ 5 (I think). This is seriously good. Its basically a clear top coat but its a little but thicker than other top coats.

When applied on top of the nail polishes, it give such a gloss to the nail polishes. Within 5 min, the nails are dry and it is perfect especially when you are planning to go out. Also if you are like me, making a mess of it before it dries up, then its perfect as it dries faster. I always have an accident after I apply the nail polish. Either its a scratch on the top or sometimes I even forget its there and then touch some stuffs which leads to messing up my nail polishes.

Its a perfect stash especially if you are a nail person.


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