Nail #18: Sally Hansen HD Nail Polish

This is called “Cyber” which is a shimmery grape colour with a slight pink undertone to it. This is one of my favourite colour of this brand. It looks bright but without being obvious or wierd. The formulation is smooth and without any streaks. The colour looks like this after 2 coats and it’s still going strong in my nails after 5 days which surprises me after the last Sally nail polish after it peeled within 24 hrs.


2 thoughts on “Nail #18: Sally Hansen HD Nail Polish

  1. Hi Charan,

    Im pinky…ive been reading ur blog regularly and only now decided to start my own blog…

    i love that colour…it would really look nice for a party…and its long lasting ey…might go and try it out.

    • charan says:

      Thanks pinky for visiting my blog 🙂 . I visited your blog and finally I found someone who reviews Indian products 🙂 . Its always a dilemma on what to buy when I visit India and I would read about what you suggest.

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