Tip #11 : Beauty Boosters

Practical things you can do now to be more beautiful.

The saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul” is true. Your eyes communicate your emotions like no other part of your face. For instance, a Boston College psychologist showed that the stress levels of political candidates during televised debates correlated to the rate at which they blinked. Your eyes reveal much about you—fatigue, fear, aging, happiness, flirtatiousness, joy, anger.

So, it’s important that you care for your eyes. Circles under the eyes are generally caused by an increase in skin pigment or in the visibility of veins, due to either genetics or infl ammation. Deeply set eyes make circles even more prominent. To reduce circles, use cold compresses of green tea bags.

These help alleviate vascular congestion and are also anti-infl ammatory. Then use an eye cream with hyaluronic acid, which will hydrate sunken eyes and decrease the appearance of crow’s-feet. Allergies are a common cause of dark circles and should be treated.


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