Trip to CCO

I have been wanting to go out of Dublin for a long time and we decided to go up the North to the International Outlet mall where they have a CCO 🙂 . We started early (atleast for me 😀 ) by 9 am and then got stuck near Newry for about 2 hrs. God, it was frustrating just sitting there whereas it would take only 10 minute if there was no traffic. But anyway we reached the Junction One Outlet mall in Antrim by 12.30 pm. I was so hoping to find some good bargains.

I went to CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) and I have to say I was shocked to see lot of limited editions in MAC. As I read lot of beauty blogs, I started recognising lot of popular names. The eyeshadow they had which I recognised was Cranberry, Expensive pink, Soft brown and Espresso. They also has 3 matt eyeshadows. The pigments which I recognised was Vintage Gold, Circa plum, Mutiny, Milk and Cocomotion. They also had atleast 6 paint pots, 1 gel eyeliner, lots of holiday quads, lipstick, lipglosses but surprisingly 3 blushes/beauty powder from Hello Kitty and Dame collection.

But the best of all was they had the limited edition Spice Chocolate Quad for £ 20 and I was freaking out. I spent about 1 hr in that store and I was still in 2 mind whether to buy the Spice Quad. I know that I won’t use it much but I could sell it to some MAC addicts (lol) but I kept having doubts whether someone will buy from me. And finally I didn’t buy it, but  I am kicking myself now for not buying it 😦 .

Anyhoos the stuffs which I bought are MAC Paint pot in Girl Friendly (matt beige pink), Clinique cream eyeliner in Black Honey (reddish brown) and Clinique lipstick in Nude Splurge (matt nude brown).


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