Products I regret buying

I was thinking of what to write about today and then suddenly it striked me that I could write about the products which didn’t work for me 🙂 . The list will include lot of products from the skin care, beauty to hair care.

  1. Essence lipgloss – Its not pigmented enough for me. On my lips, it just looks like a clear gloss.
  2. Sephora OPI nail polish in Metro chic – Not a good colour for medium skin tone. It basically looked like a mud colour in my nails 😦 .
  3. Jane Cream blush in Peach shimmer- It looks like a peach highlighter than a blush.
  4. Jane Cream Eyeliner – It certainly dried up in a week 😦 . Not worth the money.
  5. Revlon Cream Eyeliner – Dried up within a week.
  6. Covergirl outlast lipstain – The one which looks like a marker. It again dried up quickly. I just used it twice 😦 .
  7. Tesco medicated lip balm – First few times were ok but it was not moisturising enough for my lips. It dried up my lips.
  8. Essence eyeliner pencils – Not long lasting and certainly not good for waterline.
  9. Clean & Clear Blackhead cleaning scrub – too creamy for me.
  10. Tressemme shampoo – Didn’t suit my hair at all as it made mine drier.
  11. Boots Complete Skincare Moisturising Fluid – oil based moisturiser, looked a bit too oily for my skin but makes a good hand cream.
  12. Citre Shine Anti- Fizz serum – its just a goopy serum and does nothing to my hair.
  13. ELF liquid eyeliner – I hate the brush.

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