Review : Maybelline Bronzing Booster

This is the Maybelline Sun Glow Bronzing Booster in Medium. I got this about 4-5 months ago in Boots from the clearence section. I actually thought that it will be a good one to darken my foundation/moisturiser. This is a bronze coloured with lot of shimmers in it. This look like a eye dropper and it is easy to use.

But somehow I wasn’t happy with it and maybe I don’t know how to use it as well. I got really tanned when I was in USA. After returning, I tried this directly on my skin and it worked on me. I used them on the cheeks and on top of this I used a light peach blush which worked out fine for me.

The tan I got didn’t fade at all. The tan is always there on my forehead where as my cheeks is becoming fairer. So basically I got the uneven skin tone 😦 . It actually works as a bronzer on my cheek bones as well. I also mixed this with my Natural Beige foundation and it took a lot of product to darken the foundation and I was worried that my face will look glittery with all the shimmers.

But overall, It will look great as a small amount of product in the foundation or tinted moisturiser as this will give you a glow. But I am not sure that this product is for me.


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