Review : No 7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser

I have found a good replacement for my Cosmedicine Cleanser & Toner 😀 . But I have to say nothing beats Cosmedicine but I don’t want to spend $ 20 on just 125 ml. By the way, I have just 25 ml left 😦 and I use it only on special occasions. So I was in a look out for some new foaming cleanser as I  like the idea of using it once just after I remove the makeup with my tissue wipes.

Before this, I was using the wipes, then use eye makeup remover and followed by face wash. Now, the foaming cleanser has made my works simple and quick. I was checking it out Boots for the foaming cleanser and I found only foaming face wash 😦 . But somehow this product caught my eye and I thought it would be a nice product to try and what do I see? The PRICE. It’s about 10.50 Euros 😦 . I don’t want to spend that much on just one product 😦 .

And I found the perfect solution and the idea stuck me when I got the voucher from Boots 😀 . They give out vouchers most of the time for No.7, if you spend more than 7-8 Euros (I think). So I loved the idea of using the voucher which I never use. The voucher is for 7.50 Euros and I have to spend just 3 Euros to get this and What a bargain 🙂 .

Lets talk about the product, It has a quite simple cute packaging and its 150 ml. The difference between this and cosmedicine is that this should be used only on wet skin whereas cosmedicine can be used directly on the dry skin as it has some oil in it. I wasn’t expecting much but it did surprise me 🙂 .

It did remove my mascara 🙂 but I am not sure about waterproof mascara’s. My skin felt completely clean and it did remove all my left over makeup. And when compared to the formulation and the price, It definitely got my attention. I think this will always be there in my kit 😀 .


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